At the heart of Gogy is the ability to comment on a presentation on a slide-by-slide basis. Interact with other audience members as well as the presenter before, during and after a presentation.

Present Online

Present online or have your audience follow along during the presentation. Either way, Gogy makes it convenient for you to make social interaction a part of your presentation.

Note Taking

Gogy also lets you take individual notes on the presentation content that is only viewable by you. This lets you capturing important thoughts while you are listening or when you are reading back over it.

Social Media Integration

Log in using your favorite social network and share with others your presentations or thoughts on the content you are learning about. This is social learning at its best!


Bookmark your favorite content on a slide, a slide itself, a presentation and even the comment associated with a slide. The possibilities are endless!

Additional Tools

You will find additional tools that will make your Gogy experience surprising and delightful. If you have a feature request, feel free to let us know through our contact form!